Who are Ravensdown

As a co-operative 100% owned by farmers, Ravensdown exists to optimise soil fertility and farm profitability in a sustainable way for farmers who need to improve their productivity and environmental footprint. Beyond fertiliser production, we provide a comprehensive range of key farming inputs, technical advice and technologies at lowest sustainable cost delivered how, where and when they're needed.

Ravensdown uses its buying power, supply chain, fertiliser production and logistical infrastructure to source, combine and apply precious nutrients for New Zealand soils. Its focused team of specialists can advise on combinations of key farm inputs so that farmers secure the best outcome across their whole business.

A comprehensive product range across agrochemicals, seeds, animal health and nutrition is complemented by, precision application, measurement and environmental mitigation technologies.

Forged in 1978 from farmers' determination to resist large corporations snapping up assets in the farming sector, the Ravensdown team is devoted to meeting its shareholders' needs.